ABT Course Eligibility Criteria

The course is designed for professionals working with special needs population, special educators and teachers working in inclusive settings, mental health and social work/care organisations (NGOs). The organisation will have to provide an undertaking that under the aegis of the institution, the candidate will receive full support to do the ABT course and will commit to incorporate ABT within the organisation.

Comprehension, writing and reading skills in English. The course will be conducted in English
Post-graduation in Psychology, Social work, Humanities or Medicine OR Graduation in any stream (arts, commerce or science) with minimum two years or more field experience of working with special needs group
The graduation criteria will be waived for applicants having field experience of working with special needs group for seven years or more
Applicant must have a clear understanding and experience of the ‘pathology’ of illness/ disability/ special need s/he will be working with
Applicants must be currently working with an organization where s/he could directly apply what s/he learns under the supervision of seniors and peers
Inclination or passion for the art forms. Prior training or expertise in drama, music or other art forms is NOT mandatory
Aptitude for theory and research skills
Registered organisation working with special needs groups
Familiarize the candidate with the pathology and needs of the population
Commitment to incorporate ABT in their organizational processes