Arts Based Therapy (ABT) is the evidence-based use of art forms to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. The basis of ABT lies in Indian Psychology and Ethics, Studies of Human Development and Cognitive Neurosciences. A Practitioner acquires a generic vocabulary of stories, songs, roles, rhythms, drawings and colours, and use appropriate combinations to address specific client needs.

ABT was initiated by World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation (WCCLF), Pune, India in 2001 to respond to needs in psychosocial rehabilitation and neuro-physiological rehabilitation in India through the use of multiple art forms.

At Snehadhara, ABT has proven successful in facilitating learning for children with disabilities. In our work of the past few years, we have seen that Arts based techniques have also been useful for mainstream children in general classrooms both to improve their own learning outcomes and to increase their empathy for those who learn in new ways. Methodology and practice of ABT needs to occupy a central place in education to create more inclusive spaces.