The 2017-2018 ABT batch had participants from 16 different organisations across 6 locations in the country. The populations that were served by this batch included children, young adults and adolescents with special needs , teenage girls at risk.

The intervention design for the project comprises of:

Pilot Project

15 hours

Direct client contact

15 hours

Research documentation (SRS etc)

Action Research Project

35 hours

Direct client contact

70 hours

Research and Documentation (SRS etc)

3 Hours


12 hours

Project Design & Plan

Research reports submitted by students shall form part of a larger database on ABT Research. Students are encouraged to write papers and publish their
research in journals so that their contribution is recognized.

Completed Action Research projects of the 2017-2018 Batch

Ahana RaoMirra Charitable Trust, ChennaiRadha – One-on-one intervention through Arts Based therapyChildren with Special Needs
Arun Kumar Huchappa Snehadhara Foundation, BangaloreCommunicating Compassionately Through ArtsChildren with Special Needs
Charithra Nagesh ManeTrio World Academy, BangaloreSaksham - A beginning towards self reliance, a journey with ABT interventionChildren with Special Needs
Cristelle Hart SinghGovernment Girls Home, ErnakulamABT and Teenage Girls -“It’s All About Emotions”
Teenage girls at risk
Divyatha KotaMirra Charitable Trust, ChennaiLearnings of Using Arts Based Therapy as an intervention for children with special needsChildren with Special Needs
Kavitha KrishnamurthyWECAN (We Challenge Autism Now), ChennaiUnlocking Potential - Understanding the efficacy of using multiple art forms to enable development in children with autism in the areas of Narrative Capability, Expressive Capability (artistic self-expression) and Group InteractionChildren with Special Needs
Lakshmi SatishSwabodhini, ChennaiPashyanthi – seeing beyond
A study on using arts based therapy to realise goals in a therapeutic space for persons with nonverbal autism
Children with Special Needs
Nagalakshmi Vignesh KumarCluny Convent, Anbu Illam, SalemArts to augment the potential of children with special needsChildren with Special Needs
Neethu ObedMarthoma Opportunity School, BangaloreKAVAL - Nobody cares, we care-Exploring Arts Based Therapy for Special Needs studentsChildren with Special Needs
Puja Akash BangPhysio Rehab 360 degrees, WardhaA study of the effects of Arts Based Therapy on the Attention Span and the Expression of Children with Special NeedsChildren with Special Needs
Rohini ChidambaranSnehadhara Foundation, BangaloreMy Journey with Blessed Souls through the Path of Creative ArtsChildren with Special Needs
Ruthika Javarayappa Tamahar FoundationArts based therapy (ABT) intervention:
‘anuyatra to tamahar’
Children with Special Needs
Shalini PillaySankalp – The Learning Centre, ChennaiAASHAYIEN = HOPES
Using Arts Based therapy to help improve the Narrative Capability and Self Expression through Arts of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Children with Special Needs
Shobhita RameshIshanya, BangaloreA study exploring Arts Based Therapy as a medium of intervention for children with special needs.Children with Special Needs
Uchita Pai RaiturkarVidya Vruksh School, GoaThe Effect of using Arts Based Therapies on Attention, Symbol recognition, Descriptive speech and Self Expression in children with special needs: An inclusive studyChildren with Special Needs
Vani JoshiSnehadhara Foundation, BangaloreMore than wordsAdults with Special Needs
Varahalakshmi SubramanianBangalore International School, BangaloreLooking Beyond Barriers
– Exploring the Endless Possibilities for Specially-abled Children through Arts Based Therapy
Children with Special Needs

Please contact us below if you would like a copy of any of the Action Research Projects