ABT Certificate course

Arts Based Therapy (ABT) was initiated by World Centre for Creative Learning Foundation (WCCLF), Pune, India in 2001 to respond to needs in psycho social rehabilitation and neuro-physiological rehabilitation in India through the use of multiple art forms.

The Arts Based Therapy Certificate Course is designed for professionals working with special needs population, special educators and teachers working in inclusive settings, mental health and social work/care organisations (NGOs).Prajnadhara is offering the ABT Certificate Course for the first time in Bangalore and aims to collaborate with other NGOs, learning centres, schools and institutions to implement ABT.

Admissions closed for the 1st Batch starting on July 1st 2017.


  • Each year 30 applicants are admitted.
  • This course is for psychologists, therapists, counsellors, special educators, and educators working in resource rooms, educators in inclusive settings, social workers, caregivers, psychiatrists and doctors.
  • ABT addresses issues in learning disabilities, intellectual challenges, in mental health, in de-addiction, palliative care & pain management, in rehabilitation for trafficking, abuse, domestic violence issues, in issues around LGBT and communities affected by violence and trauma.
  • ABT can be applied for children and adults in diverse special populations – autism, learning disabilities, intellectual impairment and cerebral palsy.
  • ABT has been effective in inclusive setups as a multi-modal approach to address therapeutic goals across domains – motor, sensory, cognitive and social dynamics.
  • Admissions given on first-come basis for those eligible.
  • 25 Credit hours, i.e. it has 375 hours of theory and practical work

Arts based therapy certificate course prospectus

For the course logistics , course calendar , application form, and admission related queries email us at prajnadhara@snehadharafoundation.org