Prajñā Smriti

The Study of the Mind offers Prajñā Smriti (an 8 sessions program on ‘Wisdom based Mindfulness’) and hosts teachings from Masters in the field of Eastern Mind Traditions.

“What makes me unhappy?”

“How can I understand myself better?”

“How do I reduce my anxiety and worries?”

“How do I become a more compassionate being?”

Questions like these are interactively discussed with insight from books, videos, stories and our own experiences prompting us to introspect and help us see ourselves as we really are. Prajñā Smriti is a dialogue over 8 sessions done through a period of four months to understand what “wisdom based mindfulness” is.

Errors in perception delude the mind and prevent it from understanding the true nature of reality. Destructive emotions lead us away from the path of compassion. Prajñā Smriti helps remove the veil of ignorance through methods based on the wisdom of Indian mind traditions.

Practical methods to cultivate virtues like Generosity, Discipline, Patience, Diligence, Meditation and Wisdom are worked on to gain awareness of our own patterns and behaviors and learn to let go of those that prevent us being compassionate beings true to our real nature.