Arts Based Therapy has been practiced across various organisations in the country. The testimonials are from organisations which has experienced the therapeutic benefits of ABT.


ABT sessions with children bring out the best in them and it takes learning to a higher level. Grounded by the string of Indian Mind traditions and propelled by the impetus of the art media, the kite flies high using ABT.

Sumathi Ramjee

ABT Practitioner and ABT Guide, Bangalore
The experience of ABT for the team at Mirra has been largely in terms of reflecting within, being in touch with who we are, practicing mindfulness in almost every interaction with children and their caregivers and taking ownership of the objective of “creating an all inclusive space for children to go beyond disabilities so that they may both give and receive such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy and education”, which is Mirra’s dream.

Lakshmi Satish

Director, Special Educator, Mirra Charitable Trust, Chennai
We believe that there is a dire need for more ABT practitioners and we hope that this training enables our teachers to reach out to students in many ways than one. We are also happy to share that after seeing how ABT is touching the lives of our children, we will go on to implement this along with other methodologies in our special education programme as well.

Naveen Mahesh

Director and Managing Trustee, HLC International, Chennai
ABT has been practiced at Deepika regularly since 2007, and the journey so far has been an eye-opener. By and large the understanding of any therapy and the way one visualizes therapy have been linear and single goal oriented. Personal development and the understanding of one’s own personality and its dynamics seem to play a major role in ABT. Both the practitioner as well as his/her subjects bloom and grow in all directions. In short the therapy is for both the practitioners as well as the children who receive them.

Sita Krishnamurthy

Principal, Deepika School, Bangalore
We have been using ABT for the last four years. We are extremely happy with all the trainees who have worked with us in all these years. They have been very creative in using Arts to achieve their goals for the children.

Sarbani Mallick

Founder Director/Managing Trustee, Bubbles Centre for Autism, Bangalore
ABT has helped us to look at the exploring holistic learning milestones across age groups with cross-disabled populations. The ABT course has helped us challenge our belief systems, push our boundaries and create a symbiotic learning relationship within and with the world around. At Snehadhara Foundation , we have been practicising ABT for the past four years  in one-on-one as well as group settings. We have had over 7  ABT practitioners from the organisation implement ABT in various therapeutic settings.

Gitanjali Sarangan

ABT Practitioner and Founder, Snehadhara Foundation