Testimonials from Experts

Under the Centre for Inclusive Policy of Snehadhara, their latest project on Inclusion in Education is a much needed effort to close the gap between policies and implementation which will help the progress of inclusion in schools. It deepens one’s understanding and knowledge of the issues and challenges that one has to overcome in order to make inclusion a reality.

– V.S. Basavaraju, State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Government of Karnataka

In working with children – voice, rhythm, visual arts and play/games have become an integral part of my methodology. Parents of children are co-facilitators in the sessions so this is carried to homes as well. My interactions with parents have become meaningful as I am more aware of how I hold myself and them during the conversations. This is true of my close relationships as well, although I have not been able to do it as consistently like I have at work. In our training programme, we have consciously ensured the use of multi-arts in all modules. A truly engaging learning experience with the Prajñādhara team.

-Lakshmi Satish, Director, Mirra–Chennai

Inclusion is a very large goal. Millions of people face exclusion—because they are poor, or disabled, or illiterate, or many other reasons. Because of this vast exclusion, any effort at inclusion must also be built for scale. Snehadhara has correctly identified the need for training more and more people as practitioners of inclusion; each trained graduate of the API course will be a messenger for inclusion in a new space, taking Snehadhara’s work far beyond what it can itself do. And the arts are a perfect vehicle for this. Throughout history, the arts have helped societies to expand their horizons, and see new possibilities. They speak to people in multiple ways, and the fullness of expressions they contain are a natural fit to the fullness of belonging at the heart of the inclusion agenda

-Dr. Ashwin Mahesh, Urbanist & Social Technologist

Testimonials from Participants

It’s been a very challenging and practical experience. A must for social workers and artists who can push themselves emotionally and physically to open up and understand the need of art at a collective level as well. Being able to learn how to connect with people through arts has offered a very peaceful and simple way of just working and working around people and engaging with lives and the stories on a day-to-day basis.

Apoorva Verma

The course expanded my knowledge, exposure, and experience in unexplored art modalities (such as drama and community dance) as well as provided a different perception and yet beautiful experiences in modalities I have been engaging in (such as visual arts and play). The faculty ensured we had a space to voice our concerns, admit our mistakes-learn from them, and modelled behavior and skills that we could learn from.

Chelna Karnavat

The course was well guided and at the same time allowed me to explore areas new for me making the learning journey my own. The structure of the course ensured that I was deeply engaged with my beneficiary population and be part of their individual goals.

Sayonika Sengutpta

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