At the center, teachers and facilitators constantly document and collect data during their sessions with the children. These notes become the basis for our research work. The findings from these sessions are further analyzed by triangulation of assessment and evaluation gathered from qualitative and quantitative analysis of observation formats, standardized tests and ABT tools.

The ABT Service is designed in an action research format. Action Research projects at Snehadhara have proved the efficacy of ABT across the special population be it in the motor, sensory, social or cognitive domain.

The action research projects conducted by our team have helped us examine and question our current practices, understand and build new methodologies in arts based therapy, improvise content and set best practices. The research process has been cyclical and iterative.

Completed ABT projects of the ABT practitioners who have worked with the children at Snehadhara Foundation
AuthorTitlePopulationYear of completion
Gitanjali Sarangan
Holistic Learning and Inclusion for children with developmental delays in motor, language and cognition

Inclusive Special Needs2011
Salomi JacobStudy of using ABT intervention in the development of Oro motor, gross motor and limbic coordination in children with developmental delaysDevelopmental Delays with focus on locomotor disabled2012
Pallavi ChanderExploring the potential of social awareness with a special needs group through internal peer interactions and buddy systemAutism and Epilepsy2012
Anagha K AMotivation and Relaxation using ABT to enhance Language Acquisition and Articulation in Adolescents with AutismAdolescents with autism2013
Sasha BraganzaCreating a buddy model using Arts Based Therapy as a tool in working with children with ASDChildren with Autism (8-12 year olds)2014
Achuta NadapanaExploring Arts Based Therapy for non verbal children in the Autism SpectrumNon verbal children with Autism2014
Manasa DJA study using Arts Based Therapy as a tool for working with children with special needsHeterogeneous group of children across disabilities2015
Bunty ShresthaA Journey Guided by Enormous Power of the ArtsHeterogeneous group of children across disabilities2017
Arun Kumar Huchappa
Communicating Compassionately Through Arts
Children with Special Needs
Rohini ChidambaranMy Journey with Blessed Souls through the Path of Creative Arts
Children with Special Needs
Vani Joshi
Looking Beyond Barriers – Exploring the Endless Possibilities for Specially-abled Children through Arts Based Therapy
Children with Special Needs
Krutika Madhok
Meraki – The Impressions we leave
Children with Special Needs
Parvathi G
A Window of Hope
Adults with Special Needs
Rajeshwari G
Vistara - Expansion of Arts for non verbal children in Autistic spectrum
Children with Special Needs

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