Dzongsar Khyenste Rinpoche on “Prajna – Perceiving the true nature of reality”

Prajnadhara was honoured to host Dzongsar Khyenste Rinpoche on Janurary 5th (at Snehadhara Foundation’s new campus in Nelamangala).

On the morning of January 5th, we were honoured to be part of a consecration ceremony of the Tara statue that he gifted Snehadhara Foundation. It seemed very well-suited that a space created, nurtured and built through the expression of feminine energies should house Tara, the “mother of liberation,” who represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.

Rinpoche’s consecration of the Tara statue was followed by a Teaching in which he spoke about the importance and beauty of a culture that is curious about or values “Prajna” which is “inexpressible, untranslatable.” He pointed out the emphasis on “common sense” that could easily derail one’s recognition of Prajna “which we are and that is always with us.”

About 130 people from team Snehadhara attended the Teaching along with guests from different parts of the world, collaborators, donors, Board Members and their families.

We are immensely grateful for the blessings and the prayers that Rinpoche brought to a space in which we hope to open many conversations about the use of the arts practices in working for inclusion.

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