Study of the Mind

Indian mind traditions date as far back as the Vedas which contain the earliest expressions of Indian reflective thinking. Paying emphasis on what the Buddha had to say on experiential learning, the Study of Mind takes us through processes of deliberate effort towards ethical practices.

“Believe not anything just because it is said by your elders, the wise, the enlightened ones or the Budhas. Accept as truth only what you find, through your direct experience, that which is beneficial and good for all, harmful to none.”

The Study of Mind takes us through experiences of “training of attention” (shamatha), analyzing emotions (vipassana) and mindfulness (contemplating key concepts like impermanence) with teachings from trained Tibetan Buddhist Practitioners.

Through Prajnadhara, The Study of the Mind propagates the eastern philosophical mind traditions and makes these unique traditions and sciences accessible to people from all walks of life. The Study of the Mind offers Pradnya Smriti (an 8 sessions program on ‘Wisdom based Mindfulness’) and hosts teachings from Masters in the field of Eastern Mind Traditions.

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