Overview of Arts Practices in Learning, Therapy & Inclusion-Batch 3

The Introductory API course launched its third batch as a training in the ‘Overview of Arts Practices in Learning, Therapy and Inclusion’. The batch saw professionals and students from across India come together to talk about the cross-roads between inclusion, therapy and the arts. The course was filled with experiential learning of the arts and coming together to creatively think about concepts such as inclusion.

The group was introduced to visual art, inclusive play, movement, music and rhythm creatively and were allowed to explore and reflect on their experiences of the multi-arts. From working with childhood games to djembes, the space created was not only conducive to learning, but also to enquiry of the self and the arts. It was interesting to see how the group ended up with shared stories, laughter, huddling up and holding each other and together taking baby steps in making a journey within.


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