Inclusion is a process, not a product

What better way to start speaking about inclusion than to meet Dr. Indumathi Rao, one of the country’s best-known advocates of inclusion?

In this video she shares some insights, garnered over many decades of work, about whether there is any one group/ population that has “special needs,” what inclusion is in her book of experience and how the arts impact learning. She welcomes the move towards Prajnadhara’s Arts Practices for Inclusion (API) course, affirming that it could make a significant difference to the movement to build inclusion.

About Dr. Indumathi Rao

Dr Indumathi Rao is a Founder and Regional Coordinator of the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Network that works in 8 South Asian countries. The CBR Network has Certificate of Membership with Rehabilitation International and was given UN Special Consultative Status.

Dr. Rao has contributed widely and indepth towards building the movement for inclusion of children, adults and senior citizens with diverse needs across the country and the South of Asia. The Bangalore born Science Graduate chose to complete her Post Graduation in special needs and go on to get a doctoral degree in the same line. She has founded and led many organisations including Nivedita Shishu Kendra (1976), Nivedita Mano Vikas Kendra (1981), Seva in Action (1985) other than the CBR Network. The focus of her work has been “inclusive development of all, especially those who are most disadvantaged due to disability, aging and poverty.” She is currently also the Chairperson of the Global Partnership for Disability Development (GPDD), the Vice Chairperson – National Bal Bhavan, and a former Member of the National Commission for Persons with Disabilities. She has published several papers, initiated and implemented research projects and put out video lectures and more on the subject of inclusion of people with diverse needs. She also passionately works with the earth and grows fruits, vegetables, herbs and more in her farm off Magadi Road, Bangalore.

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